Online Keno Canada

    If you're looking to switch up your gambling experience a bit, online Keno Canada might just be the perfect option. Keno offers simple gameplay, decent winning chances and lots of variety. It's also readily available to play at the best Canadian casinos.

    Find out just how amazing this game is, and get a head start on your Keno gaming experience.

    Intro into Online Keno Canada

    It is said that gambling revenue from Keno games funded the building of the Great Wall of China. We're not certain about this, but if it were true, this game certainly deserves more credit than it gets. This also means that Keno has been around for about a thousand years.

    Apart from a potentially outstanding historical achievement, this game offers one of the best gambling experiences at the online casino. Although classified under casino table games, it's better defined as a specialty game alongside others like Bingo and Scratch Cards.

    The gameplay is based on the standard lottery. So players have to select a series of numbers that they think will win and bet on them. The Keno board has 80 number slots, and you can choose between 1 and 20 numbers per round. For each correct number (known as a catch), you receive a payout.

    Whenever you play online Keno for real money in Canada, you'll usually get the option to select a maximum of 10 or 15 numbers. Also, for the online game, a Random Number Generator is used to draw the winning numbers randomly.

    Variants of Online Keno Canada

    All game variants are based on the standard online Keno basics, where you select numbers that reward a payout if they match the winning picks. However, some versions have unique feature additions for an extra level of excitement.

    Single Card Keno: This is a one-off game where you select numbers. Winnings are paid out, and a new round starts. Single Card Keno has a slow pace, so it's an excellent choice for first-time players.

    Multi-Card Keno: This plays across several rounds, and selected numbers and bets are repeated across multiple games. You can usually play as many as 7 cards with 15 numbers on each one. It is fast-paced, and the multiple cards make it a more expensive variant.

    Super Keno: This Keno version will quadruple your wins if the 1st ball picked in the draw matches any of your selections.

    Power Keno: This is practically identical to Super Keno, except the opportunity for multiplied wins comes at the end. With Power Keno, you get a 4x win boost if the 20th ball picked in the draw matches any of your selections.

    Progressive Jackpot Keno: Here, the jackpot builds by accumulating a percentage of players' wagers. The pot could trigger at random, or it could activate from a bonus round.

    Winning Chances

    Online Keno has a relatively high house edge. The exact value depends on the casino you play at and the game variant, but it ranges from 4% -35% approximately. With this in mind, online Keno Canada isn't the best long-term game.

    In the short term, however, there's good potential. With each digit added, the winning values grow, and so does the probability of getting a hit. More selections will mean higher stakes, but this is by no means a deterrent. Betting amounts come in as low as 0.10 cents, so you can breeze through multiple rounds, barely denting your bankroll.

    While picking more numbers isn't a bad idea, hitting all 20 spots is nearly impossible. Statistically, selecting 5 or 6 numbers has the best odds.

    As for payouts, software providers fix their own paytable, so it's difficult to determine a standard. But, the general idea is that the more hits you get out of your selected numbers, the higher the payouts.

    Tips to Play Online Keno for Real Money in Canada


    The idea of looking for patterns in order to determine the next possible combinations is known as the gambler's fallacy, which is best avoided. An RNG determines outcomes in online Keno Canada, so they are entirely random and unpredictable.

    Players can play a single selection of numbers on a ticket (straight bets) or select multiple groups of numbers on the same card (way tickets, split tickets). The bets available depend on the casino.

    Online Keno Canada is fair and random when you play at licensed online casinos that use a tested RNG. You have a guarantee of fair play when you play online Keno for real money at our top recommended sites.