No Account Casinos

    The no account casino or no registration casino, as it's often called, is the latest phenomenon in iGaming. Like the name suggests, you can play with real money at these sites without signing up. The no account casino is powered by the Pay 'n Play technology that uses online banking to substitute for the standard casino registration. For this reason, these sites may also be referred to as Pay' n Play casinos.

    Considering the unconventional nature of these gambling sites, they’re not yet widespread. However, as with every other modern gambling innovation, there are already quite a few no account casinos in Canada.

    How Do No Account Casinos Work?

    With no account online casinos, you simply have to make a real money deposit to start playing casino games. There is no account needed, so you don't have to register at the site.

    It seems far fetched to have real money casinos that do not require registration. But for a tech-driven industry that has evolved through several phases from the advent of online gambling to the innovative live casinos and even VR/ AR concepts, anything is possible.

    The idea of no registration casinos doesn't mean that there won't be any player verification. It simply means you won't have to go through the hassle yourself. The Pay' n Play platform will do it for you.

    The ID background checks that are compulsory at regular online casinos are delegated to the banks and financial institutions you use to fund your betting. Since these institutions already have your basic information like your name, age, address and identity stored on the server, the casino verifies this information through your bank. And a unique signature for your deposit is created in the background.

    What Exactly is Pay' n Play?

    Pay 'n Play is a technology developed by the Swedish online payment provider Trustly. As a direct banking method, Trustly doesn't require you to create an account with the provider. It simply acts as an intermediary, connecting your bank account to the casino merchant.

    Trustly thrives on the idea of making online payments easier for everyone. And with Pay' n Play, they've certainly achieved that for the online gambling sector.

    No account online casinos first launched in 2015 and were prominent in European countries like Finland, Germany and Sweden, where they originated. However, this payment platform has recently gone cross-continent. Trustly is now a "trusted" payment method at Canadian casinos. So Canucks can enjoy all the benefits of using this technology, and they are many.

    Benefits of No Account Casinos

    No Casino Registration

    The fun of casino gambling is sometimes dulled by the need to go through stressful signup procedures. Even the most streamlined process will take at least a few minutes. However, no registration casinos will complete the process in under 10 seconds.

    To experience it right away, play at the several Pay' n Play-enabled casinos here and start wagering real money games in the blink of an eye.

    No Payment Registration

    Unlike payment providers like Paypal or Neteller, you don't have to create an account with Trustly before you begin using the service. All you need is a supported bank account, and since it works with top Canadian banks, you may already have one.

    Speedy Withdrawals

    The next major benefit of playing at no account casinos in Canada is that you can get a payout just as quickly as you deposit money. Withdrawals go through the same system as deposits, so the required information for KYC procedures are also confirmed through your BankID.

    How to Deposit at No Account Casinos in Canada

    It takes only 3 steps to get in on the action at Pay n’ Play casinos. Here's how:

    Your account should be credited instantly, and you can begin playing games.

    How About Bonuses and Loyalty Rewards

    Since players aren't registered customers at these sites, this means there is no access to loyalty promotions. However, this only applies to Pure Play ‘n Play casinos.

    There's a different model known as Hybrid Pay' n Play casinos. Here you can benefit from the no account technology. At the same time, you get the choice to sign up and take advantage of any available loyalty bonuses.

    Try out the latest hybrid no Pay ‘n Play sites, and enjoy instant registration as well as cashback bonuses.

    Are No Account Online Casinos Safe?

    Security is an important element of no registration casinos. The technology not only provides instant registration and speedy withdrawals but comes with top-notch security as an added perk.

    Firstly, since it functions through BankID verification, the safety protocols in place are bank-level.

    Secondly, Trustly uses top-tier Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols and cryptography standards for authenticating and encrypting data exchanged through its server. The PSD2 protocol on which it operates further promotes 3rd party authentication while simplifying the flow of payments.

    Besides, as there is no registration, the casino doesn't hold any of your sensitive information. Every verification is done through the bank's secure network, so there’s no risk of your details getting compromised.


    Yes, the top no account online casinos at the moment are licensed and regulated by one of the leading iGaming authorities - the MGA.

    No account casinos are a product of modern technology, so mobile supported access is guaranteed. However, Pay 'n Play casinos may not be available as a mobile app, as apps would defeat the purpose of no registration.

    All the popular online casino games are available at casinos without registration. This includes slots, progressive jackpots, table games, and live dealer games.