Online Scratch Cards Canada

    Online Scratch Cards Canada is certainly not the traditional kind of casino game. But who would’ve thought that scratching off layers of metallic coating would be so thrilling. Scratch Cards prove that even such simple efforts can be massively exciting.

    Although it doesn't sound like it, there's a well-defined gaming aspect when you play online Scratch Cards for real money in Canada. There are different themes, odds and payouts for players to benefit from. You can either win or lose, so these games are not a get-rich scheme. But with a bit of luck, they can pay out jackpot sized prizes.

    Find out all there is about the game and gear up to start scratching and winning right away.

    Intro to Online Scratch Cards Canada

    Scratch Cards or Scratchies are basically small cards with symbols hidden underneath a thin layer of metallic coating or a silver panel. They are often designed in a 3x3 grid. Players can scratch off the panel to reveal the symbols and get a payout if there are matching combinations.

    This game was invented fairly recently back in 1974, Massachusetts, and was designed as an alternative to lotteries. The difference being that with online Scratch Cards Canada you don't have to wait long before the winning numbers are drawn. You get results immediately and your winnings just as fast.

    How to Play

    Playing at land-based locations, you'll need to purchase a physical card and scratch the panel off (usually with a metal coin).

    Playing online, on the other hand, is even easier. Firstly, you don't have to wait in line at a store. Secondly, you don't have to bother about cleaning up the metallic pieces that fall off. There are three simple steps to follow when playing online Scratch Cards Canada:

    Matching combinations award a payout, and you'll need to get 2 or 3 identical symbols to win. The payouts for symbol combinations are available in the paytable section, and each game offers a multiplier value that determines how much you win. For instance, with a 5x multiplier, a $10 stake will bring $50 in winnings.

    Some symbols pay higher than others. So, you'll do well to check the paytable before you play online Scratch Cards for real money. This way, you know beforehand the winning symbols to look out for, how many you need to get a payout, and the amounts you stand to win.

    Variants of Online Scratch Cards Canada

    One benefit of playing Scratch Cards online is that the games aren't all the same. Like the classic online casino table games, there are multiple variants to choose from, including:

    Themed Scratch Cards – Featuring a variety of themes, from fantasy to sports, season, holidays, and animals. Top providers like Microgaming and NetEnt also offer casino-themed Scratch Cards based on popular slots and table games.

    Instant Win Cards – These are the simplest form of the game where you scratch the panel to reveal the result immediately. You can choose to scratch it manually by clicking on the area. Otherwise, you can let the software perform this task automatically.

    Multiple Chances – This affords players a greater opportunity to win. After scratching off the first panel, that symbol becomes the winning symbol, and you have to get similar characters that match the first one in order to win.

    Lines Scratch Cards – These have a larger setup and require you to line up a series of matching symbols to win. Line Scratch Cards are a mix between Slots and Scratchies, as they allow you to set wagers per line.

    Winning Chances on Online Scratch Cards Canada

    Since online Scratch Cards Canada are software-based, the game is powered by an RNG (Random Number Generator) that ensures the outcomes are random. This makes each game completely independent of all others, with every player having equal chances of winning.

    This is another advantage over land-based Scratchies, where if the biggest prizes aren't among those distributed in your city, you have no chances of winning them.

    Winning probabilities are also affected by the payout percentage. Like slots, the payout rate is measured as an RTP value which is the amount of players’ stakes that the game is expected to pay out in winnings over time. Different Scratch Cards have different RTPs. And varying RTPs will influence the odds of winning. The best kinds will have RTPs of 95% and above, and the higher, the better.

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    Why Play Online Scratch Cards Canada?

    There are tons of online casino games available for you to choose from and Scratchies are technically one of the less widespread options. However, there may be more benefits to playing these games than the "regular" casino games.

    Tips to Play Online Scratch Cards for Real Money

    While the outcome on Scratchies are entirely random events, you could boost your luck with these tips:


    Not all casinos offer Scratch Cards, but the top Canadian gambling sites certainly do.

    No, Scratch Cards are straightforward games where you only have to scratch off panels to reveal whether you've won or not.

    The top online Scratch Cards casinos nowadays all have mobile-compatible platforms. So these games are available on multiple devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets.