Sic Bo Odds

    Sic Bo odds vary from bet to bet, and as with all casino games, some odds are beneficial to players, while others are less so. Your chances of winning here are based on the probability of the dice outcomes, and understanding these odds will shine more light on the payouts offered for each bet.

    Sic Bo odds will also give you an idea of which betting options are more suited for your bankroll. You'll be able to make more decisive wagers and steer clear of those that could send your funds plummeting. So how exactly do the odds work? Find that out as well as the Sic Bo payouts chart on this page.

    Probability of Sic Bo Dice Rolls

    The math behind the game odds is a straightforward case of probability. What are the chances of getting a certain number on each roll?

    There are six possibilities on a die, so to land the same number across all three, there's a 1 in 216 (6 x 6 x 6) chance. That translates to a 0.46% probability.

    This is basic maths, but if calculations are not your thing, you have the Sic Bo payouts chart to help you out. The chart is practically laid out on the game board, so you always have a clear view of what you stand to win each time. Here’s an overview:

    Payback on Sic Bo Bets

    The simplest Sic Bo bets pay 1: 1 (even money), while the riskiest option on the chart, the triple, pays 180: 1. This simply means that for a small/big bet, you win $1 for every $1 wagered, and for a triple bet, you win $180 per $1.

    Sic Bo odds and bets are independent of each other. So if you decide to place multiple bets, you stand a chance to win numerous payouts. This is on the condition that you don't place opposing bets, as a win on one cancels out the other.

    The House Edge

    Comparing Sic Bo odds and payouts, you'll see that the true odds of any outcome are higher than what the casino pays out.

    For instance, while a triple bet offers 180 to 1, the chances of actually landing a triple are 216 to 1. In the same way, a double has 1 in 12 chances of occuring, but the payouts are 10: 1.

    This difference between payout odds and true odds constitutes the house edge, and the casino's advantage in this game ranges from 2.78% to 18.98%. Here's an overview of the house edges for different bets:

    Improving Your Sic Bo Odds

    The house edge is fixed for each bet, and so are the odds. There is no way to change these values, but for the best chances, you can play bets with the highest probability. The chances of winning a Big/small bet are 10 in 11. That means there's almost a 50% chance of rolling this income, and that's why it pays 1: 1.

    The safer the bet, the lower the house edge and the closer the payouts are to the real odds.


    Compared to games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Craps, Sic Bo odds aren't the best at the casino. Nonetheless, your winning chances in this game are pretty good, especially when playing safe bets like the Big/Small.

    According to the Sic Bo payouts chart, the highest paying bets in this game offer 180x your stake. That's a huge payback, especially if you wager big money. Although you'll need quite a bit of luck to land this, it proves that players can win big in this game.

    No, at least not when you play at licensed online casinos. These sites have their RNGs regularly audited to guarantee fair play and randomness of outcomes.