Sic Bo Strategies

    Sic Bo is a much-loved casino game with straightforward rules, many betting options, and massive payout potential. It thrives on simple gameplay and depends predominantly on chance, with basically no need for skill.

    This means those popular gambling moves and betting techniques available in Roulette, Blackjack, and the likes, do not affect your winning chances here. Sic Bo outcomes are perfectly random and independent of each other. Therefore, the best Sic Bo strategies are simply practical tips to offer some guidance on your journey.

    Best Sic Bo Strategies

    Here are five of the most profitable Sic Bo strategies to use at the online casino. You’ll find that they are as simple as the gameplay.

    Take the Low-Risk Route with Big/Small Bets

    Optimal play doesn't always offer the biggest returns, and with online Sic Bo, small/big bets are the safest of all wagering options. They have the lowest edge and the smallest payoff of 1: 1.

    As with all forms of online gambling, the lower the payouts, the higher the odds of winning. Even though it won’t be raining profits, this is one of the best Sic Bo strategies. This tip is especially suited for beginners. It reduces your risk of losing tons of cash and getting frustrated before you even begin enjoying the fun.

    Start with Small Bets

    Another way to cut down on losses is to begin with small bets. An extension of this is to have a bankroll management plan before you visit the casino. Good bankroll management starts with setting aside an amount to use at the casino.

    Fixing your bet amount is the second step. The appropriate bet size is relative to how big your bankroll is. However, it should always be a small percentage of it, no more than 5%. This is one of the best Sic Bo strategies for the long run.

    Set a Win and Loss Limit

    Taking bankroll management a little further, you could set a win and loss limit. Once you've reached the quota on either, then it's time to take a break. When you think about it, it's actually among the best Sic Bo strategies. You never lose more than planned, and when you win lots, you don't risk it by playing longer.

    Don't Bet On Too Many Areas at Once

    It's possible to place multiple bets at a time in Sic Bo. Essentially, this means you have more ways to win, but it also means you have more ways to lose. It's better to analyze your betting options and play only a few smart ones at a time.

    Avoid Triples

    Triples have the highest payouts but the lowest winning odds. The mathematical probability of winning a specific triple bet is about 0.46%. The chances do go up a bit more when betting on any triple, but it's still a long shot. You should avoid triples if you're looking to make consistent profits.

    Place High-Risk Bets on a High Roller Bankroll

    High-risk bets have lower probabilities of coming up, which means you may go longer sessions before ever getting a hit. Fortunately, a large bankroll means you can play for much longer, even with consistent losses.

    Since high-risk bets offer very high returns, you stand a chance to win more and cover up for losses when you eventually win. This often turns out as one of the most profitable Sic Bo strategies for players on a big budget.

    Do Sic Bo Strategies Really Work?

    As mentioned earlier, the best Sic Bo strategies are merely tips to keep in mind and don’t have any direct effect on the gameplay. You often hear talk of advanced Sic Bo strategies from pros, but there isn't any distinction between techniques in this game. Practice doesn't make perfect when you're banking on luck for every dice roll.

    That said, it doesn’t hurt to try any of the strategy tips above. You'll benefit more from using one than simply placing random bets.

    Gambler's Fallacy in Sic Bo

    Gambler's fallacy is the belief that past occurrences on a chance-based gambling game affect future outcomes. For instance, the assumption that a table that has paid out 5 or more consecutive times is due for a loss or vice versa, or that some numbers are luckier than others.

    The concept of the term random is that there is no pattern, and you won't find a more random casino game than Sic Bo. This is evident in the payoffs available for Sic Bo bets. For instance, when betting on doubles, the payout is always 10: 1 for all numbers from 1 – 6. So if 5 is your favourite number, and you're banking on that, you should be aware that it has equal chances of winning as every other number on the dice.


    The easiest way to memorize any strategy is to play. The more you play, the easier it is to recall and implement techniques. That said, strategies in Sic Bo are merely simple tips and don’t require much practice.

    There's no way to define the most profitable Sic Bo strategies. Even with the best techniques, there is no guarantee of winning big money. There is only a possibility to do so.

    No, strategies and tips for playing Sic Bo do not directly affect the outcome of the game. Therefore, there is no way to have an advantage over the house.