Classic Slots

    It's hard to rip the traditional gambling spirit out of players even with all the innovative tech available nowadays. It's for this reason that classic slots are still a popular genre among online casino players.

    These games embody what slots were initially designed to be - simple games. They are stripped down to the minimum. But they're far from dull. The simplistic nature is precisely what players love about them.

    How Classic Slot Machine Works?

    The concept of classic online slots is that they are similar to the original slot machines. The original slot, called the Liberty Bell, was discovered in 1895 by Charles Fey. It had just one horizontal lineup of symbols, and the reels would spin by pulling the lever on the side of it. There were no special symbols and certainly no bonus rounds. Players would just pull the lever back and forth to spin and stop the reels.

    This simple setup is what classic online slots try to depict. However, it's been over a century since then, and even classics evolve. Nowadays, the basics of classic online slot games aren't so strict. Some games follow the three-reel, 1 payline setup; others stretch the limits a bit further.

    Characteristics of Classic Slots

    Few Paylines

    These games may have more than one win line, but they usually go no further than 10 paylines. The paylines are often fixed, considering that they are already very few.

    Classic Symbols

    Typical symbols on classic online slots include various fruits, such as cherries, lemon, plums, grapes, etc. As a result, classic online slot games are called fruit machines in some parts of the world.

    In addition to fruits, other reel figures include lucky sevens, bells, and bars. Some games add different symbols to complement the slot theme, but even then, they are very minimalist.

    Limited Game Features

    Classic slots may also have reel features like the Hold or Nudge Feature. However, Classics are often void of bonus features. Those that do have them limit the occurrence to Wilds, Scatters and one bonus round at the most.

    Old School Graphics

    These games tend to have an old-school appearance, and this is true even for newly released classic slots. This helps portray a vintage feel and authenticity.

    The best online slots leave quite an impression on players and keep them coming back for more. Here are a few of the classics with the best real player reviews:

    Triple Diamond – Featuring 3 reels and 9 paylines, this game offers a max payout of 1199x your stake. It's the sequel to IGT's popular Double Diamond slot and brings a bit of action with Wilds and multipliers.

    Wheel of Wealth – With fruit symbols, bars and a max win of 5000x your bet, this Microgaming slot is a pure classic game. It gets even more generous thanks to the Wheel of Wealth Bonus, where you can multiply your payouts.

    Couch Potato – Microgaming's Couch Potato is an exciting classic slot with rewarding payouts. The game's Wild symbol provides win multipliers of up to 25x, and the max payout possible is 15,000x your stake.

    Fire Joker – Developed by Play' n GO, this 3-reel game features a Flaming Re-spin feature and Wheel of Multiplier feature that takes the winning potential to 5000x your stake.

    Classic Slots vs. Other Slot Categories

    Classic online slot games are just one category of slots at the casino. Other categories include video slots, jackpot slots and 3d online slot games.

    Classics are easy to tell apart based on the game characteristics. For instance, video slots are usually action-packed with as many add-ons as possible. They also have numerous reels, multiple paylines, and flashy symbols. Also, 3D games are designed with lifelike animations, cinematic sounds and explosive themes. While these games pull out all the stops, classics keep it at a bare minimum.

    Why Play Classic Online Slot Games?

    Although fancy slots are visually appealing, they can get a little clustered. Too many bonuses flying around the screen may distract you from actually enjoying the gameplay. And while they're exciting, it defeats the purpose of having a relaxing time at the casino.

    Classics tone down the action just enough for you to benefit from fun gameplay and still de-stress.

    Besides the straightforward gaming, classic slots also offer impressive payouts. They offer jackpots as high as 5000x your stake, and some of the best RTP games are classics like Mega Joker (99%), Jackpot 6000 (98.9%), Fruit Wrap (97%), and Fruit Shop (96.7%).

    You'll also find that these games have very low minimum bets, so if you're on a tiny budget, you can get in a good gaming session with a classic slot.


    Yes, several classic slot machines feature progressive jackpots.

    A casino slot with three reels is most likely a classic slot. Besides the setup, these games are easy to distinguish by their gameplay and the presence of limited bonus features.

    Although classics have simple gameplay, this doesn't directly affect how you win. The odds of winning on slots are always dependent on chance. However, classic slots often have generous payout rates. So, they can be quite profitable.