Jackpot Casino Games

    There are lots of gaming options when it comes to online gambling, but jackpot casino games are the top payers. These real money slots offer huge win amounts, and if you’re a profit-inclined player, they’re your best bet to break the bank.

    In this guide, we’ll detail all there is to know about these games, the different kinds available and tips on how to “hit the pot.”

    Regular Jackpots vs. Progressive Jackpots

    Every slot game has some jackpot amount. Essentially, it’s the highest amount you can win on a spin. However, jackpot casino games can either be regular or progressive. The main difference between the two is simply the amount of the prize to be won.

    While regular jackpot casino games may offer, say, a $5000 reward, progressives can take that value to $500,000 or more. The highest progressive jackpot recorded is €18,915,721 paid out by Microgaming’s Mega Moolah.

    Another difference is that regular jackpots are a fixed prize, usually indicated in the game details. Progressive prizes, on the other hand, vary. You can view the current amount on the jackpot meter displayed at the casino.

    Progressive Jackpots: How Do They Work?

    We’ve seen that progressive jackpot slots payout massive sums, but this amount isn’t from the casino’s pockets. On the contrary, you’re the one funding these prize pools.

    Progressive jackpots accumulate by taking a small percentage of every wager placed on the game until a lucky player wins the amount.

    The magic of the jackpot slots is that the prize pool is never at a zero balance. Every jackpot has a “seed amount” which is the amount that the jackpot balance resets to after it’s won. This is always a healthy sum, and depending on the type of progressive slot, the rewards seed at different amounts.

    Types of Progressive Jackpots

    Local Progressive: This takes into account all player activity on a slot within a casino.

    Network Progressive: This takes into account all player activity on slots at multiple casinos. It may be linked to a handful of casinos. The largest progressive games on our jackpot slots list will link to numerous sites on an international scale.

    Top Paying Jackpot Slots

    Here are some of the best games on our jackpot slots list:

    Mega Moolah - One of Microgaming’s most popular slots with a track record of the largest network progressive payouts.

    Mega Fortune – NetEnt progressive slot with three different jackpot prizes – Mega, Rapid, and Major.

    Age of the Gods – Multi-level progressive jackpot game by Playtech based on Ancient Greek Mythology.

    Empire Fortune – Jewel-themed slot by Yggdrasil featuring 5 reels and a low betting range.)

    Aztec Millions – Antique-themed slot by Realtime Gaming with jaw-dropping jackpot payouts.

    How to Win a Jackpot

    With slots being games of chance, anyone can hit the pot. However, the thing with jackpot casino games is that they’re difficult to win. Imagine thousands of players wagering for a chance at a single prize. Statistically, the probability of a win is minute.

    You may have better chances with regular jackpot casino games or local progressives. They have a smaller reach than network progressive slots, so you have less competition. You may also fare better in your jackpot hunting endeavours if you learn the rules of the game beforehand. Sometimes the top prize may be tied to the max bet or to a specific payline combination.

    Like all slot categories, each spin could be your lucky one, so the more you play, the more your chances of activating the jackpot. Fortunately, jackpots are accessible online as instant play slot games without download. So you can play whenever you want directly through your web browser.

    Triggering a Jackpot

    Slots developers usually design jackpot casino games with different triggering mechanisms. Here are the common ones:

    The Max Bet Rule – Some jackpot casino games require you to stake the maximum bet before you stand a chance to win the pot.

    Bonus Games – Since many modern slots feature bonus games, some game creators decide to include a jackpot bonus game where the top prize is hidden. You’ll have to collect a certain combination of symbols to activate the bonus game.

    Payline Win – In this case, the jackpot is tied to a specific payline. You’ll need to land a particular combination of symbols on that line to win.

    Random Win – Here, the jackpot can land on any spin during gameplay, irrespective of your bet level or special triggers. Many games on our jackpot slots list trigger use the random win mechanism.


    Not all jackpots require the max bet to activate. If the game you’re playing doesn’t have this requirement, you don’t have to bet max.

    Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech are the top three companies with the best and highest paying jackpot slots list.

    Progressive prizes are not fixed. They continue to grow until someone wins, so you never really know how much you’re going to win. However, you could always check the jackpot meter to see the current amount of the prize pool.