Online Baccarat Canada

    You probably have the general idea that Baccarat is a difficult game that’s only suitable for high rollers. However, that is only a misconception. Online Baccarat Canada is predominantly based on chance, which means gameplay is simple. Also, multiple variants exist which allow for different bet levels. Not to mention it's an absolutely thrilling game to play.

    Keep reading to find out what exactly this game entails, as well as our top sites where you can play online Baccarat for real money in Canada.

    Intro to Online Baccarat Canada

    This card game first sprung up in the 1400s, where it was a source of recreation for the middle and upper class. However, Baccarat started gaining traction among modern casino gamers after its portrayal in the blockbuster James Bond movie, Casino Royale.

    It has been on a roll ever since, with high demand from players and a constant supply by online casinos in Canada. Online Baccarat Canada is now one of the leading table games in the world and a staple at many online casinos.

    Unlike other card games, the cards are not dealt to individual players. Instead, the gaming table is divided into a Player and Banker section, and the dealer deals two cards to both sides. Gamblers have to bet on either Player or Banker, and the hand value closer to 9 wins. There is also a Tie bet available, but this generally has less favourable odds.

    That's really all there is to the gameplay, and once you have the Baccarat basics down, you're well on your way to strutting your 007 skills.

    Variants of Online Baccarat Canada

    When playing at the best casinos, players can find different types of online Baccarat for real money in Canada. They include:

    Punto Banco - This is the most popular variant of the game. It features eight (8) card decks, and the casino always plays the role of Banker. You can play Punto Banco at any of our recommended Canadian online casino platforms.

    Chemin De Fer - This is the Baccarat version portrayed in the James Bond movie and is the oldest kind. Here the role of Banker rotates around the table. Instead of betting against the casino, players get to bet against one another.

    Chemin De Fer uses six standard card decks. Since it allows all players active participation, it is a great option when playing Baccarat for fun.

    Baccarat en Banque - Similar to Chemin De Fer, players get to play the role of Banker. However, the Banker's position is given to the player willing to take the biggest risk, and the role stays with the chosen player until they run out of funds or decide to leave the game. Hence, this game is available only when you play online Baccarat for real money.

    Three Card Baccarat - This is the most common variant at casinos in Macau and is largely similar to Punto Banco. The major difference is that three cards are each dealt to the Player and Banker's hand rather than two cards.

    Mini Baccarat - Mini Baccarat is another spin-off of Punto Banco, only this time everything is smaller, including the table and betting limits. The Banker is always the dealer, and due to the smaller table size, rounds are played much faster. This variant is also a perfect fit for Canadian mobile casino players.

    The Winning Chances with Baccarat

    The house edge when playing online Baccarat Canada is quite lucrative for players. For instance, with Punto Banco, the Banker bet features a 1.06% house advantage, while the Player bet stands at 1.24%. Betting on Tie comes with a house edge of 14.36%, but it’s usually not recommended.

    Baccarat payouts are usually 1:1 for winning hands and 8:1 or 9:1 for Tie bets (depending on the number of decks). Some casinos may apply a 5% commission on the Banker bet, which is a separate fee you have to pay for each amount you stake.

    If you're looking to increase your winning chances, you'll need a working strategy before the first two cards are drawn. This is because it’s difficult to influence the course of the game after the hands are dealt. Fortunately, there are Baccarat strategies that'll help you achieve this.

    Betting Range

    Low-stakes bettors can play for as low as $1 on games like Mini-Baccarat, and as for the maximum, we've seen limits as high as $50,000. Online Baccarat Canada is also available at the live dealer casino with higher limits. Live Baccarat offers larger, more elaborate tables and a taste of the traditional Baccarat casino experience.


    Yes, you can. In fact, no strategy is required when playing online Baccarat Canada because the game is based on chance.

    When playing at our recommended casino partners, you can rest assured that game outcomes are fair and random. The top sites will be licensed by reputable authorities and have their game RNGs tested by audit organizations like eCOGRA.

    The top online casinos nowadays all have mobile-compatible platforms. So, online Baccarat Canada is available on multiple devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets.