How to Play Online Baccarat Canada

    Many players have enjoyed laying down chips at the Baccarat table for centuries. These days online Baccarat is following in the same footsteps, with its popularity constantly rising. Strangely, though, many casino gamers are of the idea that Baccarat is a challenging game to play. This is far from the truth!

    Not only is the game super simple, but its house edge is also one of the lowest at only 1.06% - that's a massive win potential by casino standards. Keep reading to find out the basic rules and bets of this game, as well as how to win Baccarat online.

    Online Baccarat Basics

    Every round of Baccarat gameplay revolves around two card groups, the "Player" and the "Banker." So first and foremost, you don't get separate cards dealt to you. The Baccarat table layout is sectionalized into Banker and Player areas, and you're betting on either the Player or Banker side winning.

    A standard game of Punto Banco features 8 decks, but some Baccarat variants may use 6 decks. After placing your bets, two face-up cards are dealt to both Banker and Player, and the winning hand is the one with a card total closest to 9.

    One important rule is that there are no double-digit card values in online Baccarat. This is because all face cards and tens are valued at 0, while the Ace is valued at 1.

    Getting a 9 is the best outcome, but an 8 is pretty good too. Both of these outcomes are called "Natural." With a total of 7, the Player or Banker's hand must stand. For values less than 7, a third card may be drawn, as follows:

    Hand totalPlayer’s Third CardBanker’s Third Card
    3HitHit unless player’s third card is an 8
    4HitHit unless player’s third card is a 0, 1, 8, or 9
    5HitHit unless player’s third card is a 4, 5, 6, or 7
    6StandHit unless player’s third card is a 6 or 8

    The rules may seem complicated, but figuring out how to win Baccarat online is no more complex than a guessing game. Usually, it's the croupier's job to handle the various moves (hit/stand), and when you play online, you'll get reminders on each of these actions.

    Types of Baccarat Bets

    There are three types of bets in this game, namely:

    As explained in the online Baccarat basics, you can bet on Player or Banker. However, there is also the possibility of a Tie. The Tie Bet is least common because it has a much higher house edge, but the payouts available here are the largest. The Banker's hand, on the other hand, has the highest winning chances, but there's a commission attached to it. You can find out more about bet payouts and odds on our dedicated Baccarat odds page.

    Sometimes Baccarat tables may diversify the bet options by providing a series of side bets. Common ones include:

    Steps on How to Win Baccarat Online

    Learn Online Baccarat Basics

    The game's rules would most likely throw you off if you decided to dive headfirst into betting with no prior knowledge. So, learning the online Baccarat basics is the first step on how to win Baccarat online.

    Pick a Table

    Choose a table with appropriate betting limits for your bankroll. The best sites will offer multiple variants to choose from. You can pick from Punto Banco, Three Card Baccarat, and 3D Baccarat variants when you play at top online casinos.

    Place Your Bet

    Select your stake and bet on either Player or Banker. When learning how to win Baccarat online, it’s best to avoid betting on Tie.

    Use a Strategy

    Technically, there's no guaranteed method on how to cheat online Baccarat or beat the house edge. However, using expert strategies and tips will ensure that your experience is as profitable as it can be.

    Get a Payout

    Players get a payout on every successful wager. Understanding the payouts will let you know how much you stand to earn from each bet.


    The house advantage is 1.24% on the Player bet and goes as low as 1.06% on the Banker bet.

    Learning how to win Baccarat online is technically easy since the gameplay is straightforward. You may need some time to get accustomed to the rules, but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty much smooth sailing from then on. That said, outcomes are based on chance, so every bet can either win or lose randomly.

    The Banker bet is the safest bet for beginners because it has the highest winning chances. However, remember that you have to pay a 5% commission on this wager.