Baccarat Odds

    Baccarat odds are a major reason why this game is a fantastic real money option. Most times, the house edge on casino games heavily favour the casino, thereby putting players at a disadvantage. While the house edge still exists in Baccarat, it's very thin, and allows greater odds of winning bets.

    Thanks to this game having only a few betting options, understanding the odds and payouts won't take long. Find out everything you need to know about Baccarat odds in this feature.

    Payback on Baccarat Bets

    There are three basic bets in Baccarat – Player, Banker, and Tie. According to the risk-reward mechanism, the payback on each bet depends on how likely it is to succeed in a game.

    For instance, the chances of the round ending in a tie are extremely low. You could go several gaming sessions without once experiencing this outcome. Statistically, the Baccarat odds for this option is only 9.6%, and with such a low probability, the payout attached to it is noticeably higher.

    Player and Banker bets have odds of 44.6% and 45.8%, respectively. However, if you were to factor out the tie bet, the chances become 51% for the Banker and 49% for the Player, meaning that if you were to stick to betting only on the Banker, you would always come up with a profit, theoretically.

    This marginal advantage is why casinos have a failsafe in the form of a 5% commission on winning Banker bets.

    Baccarat Payout Chart

    The Baccarat payout chart below provides an overview of bet types, their payouts, odds, and the house edge. We'll be considering the standard Punto Banco game played with 8 card decks.

    Bet TypePayoutBaccarat OddsHouse Edge
    Banker0.95: 145.8%1.06%
    Player1: 144.6%1.24%
    Tie8: 19.6%14.36%

    Some Baccarat variants are played with 6 decks, in which case there will be a slight change in the house edge and winning chances. However, the payouts always remain the same.

    Calculating Your Payout Based on the Odds

    Understanding Baccarat odds will help you make more informed decisions whenever you play the game. Also, being able to read the payouts will guide you in choosing which bets to make and which not to.

    The payout ratio on the Player hand tells you that for a bet of $10, you win $10 on top of your original stake. On the other hand, the Banker rewards $9.5 for every $10 wagered. This means a bet on the Banker pays slightly below even money, 5% less to be precise. This value is equivalent to the commission players have to pay the casino for this bet.

    Odds, Payouts and House Edge on Side Bets

    When playing Baccarat online with side bets, you should know that they come with their own payouts and odds. Still based on a standard 8 deck game, the Baccarat payout chart for these bets is as given below:

    Bet TypePayoutBaccarat OddsHouse Edge
    Perfect Pair25: 13.34%13.03%
    Banker Pair11: 17.47%10.36%
    Player Pair11: 17.47%10.36%
    Either Pair5: 114.2%13.71%
    Big2: 131.8%4.35%
    Small3: 237.8%5.27%

    Baccarat Odds vs. Payouts

    Odds are simply the chances of winning or losing a wager, while payouts are the cash rewards you get when you win. In most casino games, the payouts do not reflect the true odds as a result of the house edge, and the same applies to online Baccarat.

    Nonetheless, since the casino's advantage on Player and Banker bets is so thin, the payouts very nearly reflect the true odds. It’s for this reason that betting on Tie is not recommended. With the huge house edge attached to it, the 8: 1 payout is much less than what players should get for such poor chances.

    Improving Your Odds

    Player and Banker bets already have pretty attractive Baccarat odds. But when gambling is concerned, the odds are never too good. So here are the ways you can improve your chances of winning:


    The house advantage in Baccarat is one of the most favourable for players. It’s second only to Blackjack’s which goes down to 0.5% when played with strategies.

    Although Baccarat odds are pretty favourable, you probably won't be earning huge sums with this game. This is because payouts are roughly even money for Banker and Player bets. Other bet options pay higher, but the house edge is far bigger on them.

    All baccarat strategies are designed to help you win more and lose less. However, there is never a perfect guarantee of improving the outcome of your gameplay.