Baccarat Strategies

    Predicting which hand will get a total closer to 9 right off the bat is never a sure bet. You can't count cards like in Blackjack because the game is played with multiple card decks shuffled randomly, plus the odds of each outcome is purely subject to chance. This begs the question – can I increase my winning chances on Baccarat?

    Although Baccarat odds are fixed, there are ways to maximize your profits while keeping losses at bay. We'll be highlighting the best Baccarat strategies, including betting methods and expert strategy tips devised by the pros.

    Top Betting Strategies

    Advanced betting strategies like Martingale and Paroli methods are popular on top casino games like Roulette, Blackjack and even Craps. They are also some of the best Baccarat strategies.

    Martingale Method: Using this system, you have to double your bet whenever you lose and go back to your base bet when you win.

    Paroli Method: Here, you'll be doubling your bet when you win. When you lose, you start from your original wager again.

    1-3-2-4 Method: This method suggests you place bets according to the sequence 1-3-2-4. Increasing your stakes in this way should cover losses incurred while bringing in extra wins, making it one of the most profitable Baccarat strategies.

    Expert Strategy Tips

    Baccarat has been around since the 1400s, so gambling experts have had enough time to work out a handful of tactics that will favour your gameplay more often than not.

    Here are some of the best Baccarat strategies from pros:

    Avoid Betting on Tie

    One of the best Baccarat strategies to keep in mind when playing at the gaming table is to never bet on a tie. The odds of a draw are thin, and the house edge is over 14%.

    Bet on the Banker

    The Banker's move often depends on the third card dealt to the Player, so the Banker's hand has the strongest position on the table. This bet will win more than 50% of the time, which is why casinos impose a commission on winnings to reduce the bettors' advantage. Nonetheless, it still has the best odds and the lowest house edge out of all Baccarat bets. Sticking to the Banker is undoubtedly one of the most profitable Baccarat strategies.

    Be Wary of Side Bets

    The payouts offered on side bets are much lower than the true odds of winning the bet, so the house advantage tends to be really high. Even though they bring added flavour to the gameplay, these wagers aren’t worth the risk.

    Bet Along With the Streaks

    In Baccarat, it doesn't hurt to follow hot streaks. Especially for newbies, it's advisable to stick to the Banker bet, and keep at it until it loses.

    On a losing Banker bet, you should wait for one round and see the outcome before hopping onto the Player side. If the Player wins again, then join the ride. When the player bet loses, switch right back to Banker; you don't need to wait it out.

    Manage Your Bankroll

    Money management may be the safest strategy yet. If you manage your bankroll effectively, you won't run out of funds so quickly and as long as you stay in the game, you always have one more chance of landing a winning bet. Ensure that you set out a separate amount for your gambling funds and decide beforehand the percentage of your bankroll you want to stake at a time.

    When Using a Betting Strategy, Stick with It till the End

    The thing with betting strategies is that they only work when you follow the rules. If you were on a losing streak with the Martingale method and halfway through switched to the Paroli system (otherwise known as the Reverse Martingale), you'd take away any chances of recouping your losses.

    There will constantly be losing sessions, but it's best to wait it out rather than bend the rules of your betting strategy.

    Do the Best Baccarat Strategies and Tips Really Work?

    Frankly, using strategy doesn't entirely guarantee a positive outcome on your gaming session. The best strategies are only as effective as the element of "chance" allows them to be.

    The great thing here is that although profits aren't sure, you get to cut down on your losses at the least. For instance, with the Paroli method, you double your bets on a win and go back to the original stake when you lose. This means your base bet is the only amount you risk considering that when you win, you're simply heaping the casino's money on your original bet to double up.

    Anyhow you look at it, you're better off using some strategy than none at all.


    There's no way to define the most profitable Baccarat strategies. This is because there is no guarantee of winning big money even with the best Baccarat strategies. There is only a possibility to do so.

    In the long run, the house will always have an edge over players' bets. However, the best Baccarat strategies will be effective most of the time.