Online Backgammon Canada

    Many players are still oblivious to the fact that they can play online Backgammon for real money in Canada. This may not be the regular online casino game, but it brings just as much excitement as any round of blackjack or spin of the slots reel, plus a bit of a challenge too.

    Why not bring your gaming skills to the fore with this game, and earn profits while you're at it. We've got the latest online Backgammon Canada casinos, and for the uninformed, this guide will provide greater insights into how the game works.

    Intro to Online Backgammon Canada

    Backgammon is a board game that's been played since ancient civilizations. Some claim that it was first discovered between 400 and 500 AD. Others place its origins sometime in the Persian Empire around 3000 BC. Either way, this game has a richer history than most.

    Online Backgammon Canada is the virtual replica of the original game. The setup is identical; you have a game board with 12 triangles on each side and a set of 15 checkers per player. A pair of dice is rolled before every action, and the objective is to get your checkers from the outer board area to your home board and then clear them from the arena before your opponent does.

    Board games tend to have many rules, an order of movement or a method for accumulating scores, and Backgammon has its fair share of dos and don'ts. So if you're new to the game, you should learn more about Backgammon basics before you begin placing bets. You could also play Backgammon for fun and practice the game’s rules at no risk.

    Variants of Online Backgammon Canada

    For a game with such a long history, it isn’t surprising that several modifications have been made over the centuries. Hence, there is more than one game version when you play online Backgammon for real money.

    Classic Backgammon – Classics truly never die! In fact, this remains the most popular version of the game to date and features all the standard rules.

    Acey Deucey – A common choice among US gamers, this version requires all checkers to start off the board rather than on the outer board, as suggested by the standard rules. There are also differences in how to score points.

    Nackgammon – Here, players start with two additional checkers on top of the standard 15. Although all other rules are identical to the classic online Backgammon Canada, having more board pieces makes the gameplay slightly more complicated.

    Hypergammon – Rounds are played much quicker here as each player starts with only three checkers.

    Misere – Otherwise called "Backgammon to Lose," the objective of this game is the opposite of classic Backgammon. The winner is the last one to bear off all their checkers.

    Winning Chances

    As with all casino games, you stand a chance to win cash prizes when you play online Backgammon for real money in Canada. Rolling the dice requires a Random Number Generator, but it's up to bettors to choose which moves to make. Ultimately, you have a more significant influence on Backgammon payouts than you would with regular casino table games.

    Bettors can play one-on-one against a single opponent at a time. Otherwise, you can face off with multiple players in a Backgammon tournament.

    Tournaments offer much greater payout potential thanks to the massive prize pools accumulated from numerous players' bets. In this setting, using Backgammon strategies will significantly improve your odds of winning.

    Betting Range

    Backgammon bears a similarity to online poker since it can be played against a single opponent or in tournament style. Just like poker, betting limits differ depending on the game setting. One-one-ones usually have individual stake limits fixed by the casino with minimums as low as $0.10 per round.

    On the other hand, Tournaments often have a one-off entry fee or a specific deposit amount to carry you through the competition.


    It's advisable to start with classic Backgammon if you're new to the game. This features the standard game rules and is the foundation for most other variants. Nonetheless, different Backgammon games bring something fun to the table, so you could explore your options before deciding which is most appealing to you.

    Yes, you can. Online Backgammon Canada offers cash rewards for winners who place real money bets.

    The top online casinos provide various bonuses, and these offers are available for Backgammon as well. This is one of the main advantages of playing this game online. With bonuses, you can boost your gameplay and potentially win more.