Free Online Backgammon

    Online Backgammon is available for free at many of the top online casinos in Canada. Played with a game board, dice, and checkers, free online Backgammon gameplay centers on getting your checkers from the outer board to your home board and finally removing them from the playing field. The catch is you'll have to do this before your opponent has cleared out theirs.

    It's a challenging game, about the same intensity level of poker, and just like its counterpart, it's massively entertaining. Find out more about playing online Backgammon for fun and the best sites to do it.

    Why Play Free Online Backgammon

    Players staring down each other can create quite a tense atmosphere in a real-life setting, but online Backgammon lightens up the mood a bit. In turn, this allows you to focus on the gameplay and hone your skills truly.

    You won't be risking any money, and you’ll have all the time you need to think through your next move – two points that are well-suited for beginners.

    If you're already a lover of the board game, all the more reason to try Backgammon for free. The thing with Backgammon is that it's easy to play but hard to master. So you can try out as many strategies as you wish, at no cost.

    You also get to play in different game formats. Free Backgammon is available in the standard desktop and mobile formats. So you can either play with your PC or on the more compact screen of phones and tablets.

    Free Online Backgammon Casinos

    Granted that finding casinos with free online Backgammon isn't as easy as other standard casino games, but we've found the best ones that cater to Canadian players.

    Apart from offering exciting Backgammon variants, the best sites have an extensive gaming collection that spans all casino classics, gaming machines, and specialty games. There are also amazing promos available at these sites.

    The best free online Backgammon casinos go further to provide real money options for whenever you're willing to make that leap. Hence, there's always a list of leading payment providers available at the site.

    The top sites will take the action to the next level with game tournaments where you battle against other real backgammon players. So you get to experience the gamesmanship typical of the live gaming environment.

    Best Free Online Backgammon Games for Fun

    Classic Backgammon – Classics truly never die! In fact, this remains the most popular version of the game to date and features all the standard rules.

    Acey Deucey – A common choice among US gamers, this version requires all checkers to start off the board rather than on the outer board, as suggested by the standard rules. There are also differences in how to score points.

    Nackgammon – Here, players start with two additional checkers on top of the standard 15. Although all other rules are identical to the classic online Backgammon Canada, having more board pieces makes the gameplay slightly more complicated.

    Hypergammon – Rounds are played much quicker here as each player starts with only three checkers.

    Misere – Otherwise called "Backgammon to Lose," the objective of this game is the opposite of classic Backgammon. The winner is the last one to bear off all their checkers.

    Free vs. Real Money Backgammon

    Whether you play for free or choose to place real bets, online Backgammon is always intriguing to play. You'll need a bankroll to bet in real money mode, but that also means you can win cash returns on successful wagers.

    Just be sure you have a good grasp of the gameplay before you do so. Luckily, when you try Backgammon for free at the top casinos, it's super easy to transition to playing for real money. Also, playing online Backgammon for fun is a risk-free opportunity to improve your chances of navigating real bets later on.


    No, you don't. Players can try Backgammon for free in instant play directly on the internet without downloading any software.

    You can play online Backgammon for fun with no registration at our top Backgammon online casinos. You won't have to worry about deposits either since play credits will be made available.

    Classic Backgammon is the most common variant of this game at the casino, and its rules are considered the standard. However, all Backgammon games are equally exciting to play for fun. With free play, you can enjoy multiple kinds for as long as you'd like.