Backgammon Odds

    Although skill plays a huge part in this game, Backgammon odds are just as important. When you roll those dice, there isn't a correct hand movement to use or a perfect angle for landing your desired number. So, the outcome of a roll cannot be predicted.

    One of the reasons Backgammon fits so perfectly into the online casino setting is because of this element of chance. That’s why in a game between two players with equal skill, the one with the best dice outcomes wins.

    Read on to find out more about Backgammon odds. You'll also discover the Backgammon payout chart showing how much you stand to win whenever the odds do play out in your favour.

    Probability of Backgammon Dice Rolls

    Backgammon odds are a mathematical probability telling you how likely it is for an event to occur. Each die in this game is independent of the other. And with each having 6 sides, there is a 1 in 6 x 6 probability of landing any combined pips (numbers on a die). This means your odds on each roll will be in a ratio of x to 36.

    We wouldn't want to risk sounding too geeky, so let's take some straightforward examples.

    If you wanted to land at least one 6, this could occur on the first die, on the second die, or both dice.

    That's a total of 11 chances out of 36.

    Imagine you wanted to move a single checker 9 spaces:

    That's a total of 5 chances out of 36

    Clearly, there’s a higher probability of a 6 showing up on either die than getting a combined outcome of 9. If you had to make a calculated decision, these examples show that the smart choice would be to bank on landing a 6 than on getting a combined 9. Although you can't know for sure the result of a roll, you can always estimate your chances.

    Backgammon Payout Chart & House Edge

    The Backgammon payout chart will usually be available in the paytable section of the game when playing at the online casino. Payouts on this game are decent, but they can reach very high amounts if you implement the Doubling Cube. With the Doubling Cube you can double down up to 64x your bet.

    As for the house edge, this depends on the particular gaming operator. The house edge depicts the casino's advantage over every bet made, and most variants feature a house edge between 6.39% - 4.82%.

    Improving Your Backgammon Odds

    Understanding the odds is kind of implied at this point. Players need to know what the odds are before working towards improving them.

    As we've explained earlier, Backgammon odds are a probability function of the chances of landing a dice outcome. This aspect of the game can't be predicted. However, players can work on their skills to indirectly influence the odds.

    Furthermore, odds and strategies go hand in hand. Knowing Backgammon odds helps you formulate your technique, and having a good Backgammon strategy helps improve your odds.

    More important than using a strategy is using a strategy the right way. You can't be "Running for the hills" when your opponent is ahead of you in dice rolls. Also, an All-Out Blitz is less effective towards the end of the game when your opponent probably doesn't have many blots.

    Are Backgammon Odds Worth It?

    There may be lots of probabilities for landing dice rolls, but when you think about it, there is always a 50% possibility of winning. Since the game is played against only two players, you can either win or lose.

    Considering the thrilling experience that this board game offers, it's worth taking a shot at the odds. And with the best Backgammon payout chart, your potential winnings could offer more value against the odds.


    You won't get to break the bank with this game, but you can still earn sizable sums. Thanks to the Doubling Cube, you can double down up to 64x your bet and rake in top bucks when you win. Check the paytable in advance to ensure you’re playing with the best Backgammon payout chart.

    All Backgammon strategies are designed to help you play better and win more often. However, there is never a perfect guarantee of improving the outcome of your gameplay.

    Yes, you can. The social aspect of this game is one of the major highlights. You can play against plenty of real players around the world and earn real money while at it.