Online Backgammon Strategies

    Strategies have a much greater effect on skilled gameplay than luck-based casino games. And with the best Backgammon strategies, even a losing round could do a complete 180 in your favour.

    If you ever stand a chance of joining the big league and battling with the greats, you'll need a good technique up your sleeve. Even if you're a casual gamer, the best Backgammon strategies are your best shot at raking in profits during that Saturday night gambling session.

    We’ve consulted the pros and rounded up the top strategies that will boost your Backgammon odds in no time.

    Backgammon Strategies from Pros

    The following strategies are crucial if you're looking for how to win online Backgammon at the casino. They’ll also help you maximize your experience if you’d rather play for fun.

    All-Out Blitz

    This is one of the best Backgammon strategies because it cripples your opponent, allowing you to advance your pieces. Essentially, you have to target your opponent's blots and send them to the bar. Since they have to free their checkers before making any other moves, you can take advantage of that time and get ahead of the game.

    The Wall

    Another one of the most profitable Backgammon strategies is the Wall. It gets its name from the fact that players can actually build a Backgammon wall on the board. You do this by having a series of adjacent points with two or more checkers on them.

    As these are closed points, the opposing player can move any checkers there. Creating a wall on four points will prevent your opponent from scaling over unless they roll a 5 or a 6.

    This strategy is also popularly called Priming.

    Holding Strategy

    According to Backgammon's setup, you have two of your checkers positioned in your opponent's home field at the start of the game. The focus here is to hold a point in your opponent's home grid with those checkers.

    This seems contradictory since the goal of Backgammon is to get your board pieces across to your own home area. However, this strategy can help you attack your opponent's advancing checkers, thereby stalling their progress.

    It isn't one of the most profitable backgammon strategies, but it's a great tactic when the game isn't going in your favour. It also prevents your opponent from blocking you with a Wall and leaves an open spot for your checkers to enter the game from the bar.

    The Back Game

    Just like the holding game, you'll be maintaining an anchor point on your opponent's home board. However, with the back game, you won't be holding down just one but you can hold multiple points.

    Since there are only two checkers in your opponent's home at the start, you can only use this technique when many of your checkers get locked in the bar. So, it's a strategy that's only applicable when you're losing.

    Running for the Hills

    Here you're simply rushing to get all your checkers to your home board. It's one of the most profitable strategies if you roll multiple high numbers at the start of the game. However, it's kind of a pseudo strategy since you'll just be moving with every dice roll, and you'll only be depending on your luck to get higher numbers.

    One good idea is to alternate between this technique and another, using this as backup. Only when you feel you're ahead of the game should you "run for the hills."

    Maximizing the Best Backgammon Strategies

    Whether you play Backgammon for fun or online Backgammon for real money, you'll find strategies hugely effective. However, you have to use them the right way. So we've rounded up a few tips on how to maximize your techniques:


    You get familiar with these techniques the more you use them. So, the easiest way to memorize strategy is to play. Playing for free will allow you ample opportunity to practice at no cost.

    There's no way to define the most profitable Backgammon strategies as there is never a 100% guarantee of winning big money. Even with the best Backgammon strategies, there is only a possibility to do so.

    In the long run, the house will always have a slight edge over players' bets. However, the best Backgammon strategies will be effective in increasing your chances of winning.