American Roulette

    American Roulette is one of the most played games at the casino, online or land-based. The name suggests that its fanbase is American, and that’s correct. It’s the go-to among players in the US and Canada.

    The main objective is to guess where the Roulette ball will land after the wheel stops spinning. In other words, it features the basic Roulette gameplay. However, there are some specifics that differentiate it from other variants. Let’s take a look at the American Roulette payouts, the wheel setup, house edge and more.

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    Table of Contents

    Understanding the American Roulette Wheel

    The distinctive feature of the game wheel is the presence of an additional 00 pocket. The wheel has 38 divisions, including 1 - 36 numbers, 0 and 00. Taking a closer look, you may realize that the numbers are ordered differently than the European wheel. However, the outlook of the wheel is pretty much the same as any other kind of Roulette. The zero pockets are coloured green, whereas the numbered sections are either red or black.

    American Roulette Payouts

    Players can access the entire array of standard wagers with this variant. We’ve explained Roulette bet types in another article in case you’d like to check that out.

    Here’s an overview of available bets, payouts, and the American Roulette Odds:

    Bet TypePayoutOdds
    Single number35: 12.6%
    Split17: 15.3%
    Street11: 17.9%
    Corner8: 110.5%
    Basket6: 113.2%
    Red/Black1: 147.37%
    Even/Odd1: 147.37%
    High/Low1: 147.37%

    The House Edge

    The house edge here is another point that differentiates this variant from other kinds of Roulette tables. At 5.26%, this is double the European house edge and almost 4x that of the French variant.

    Having an extra 00 pocket may be the primary way to identify the game, but in reality, this feature only serves to bump up the casino’s advantage. Players only get paid for 36 numbers out of the 38 spots present. This means payouts are 2/38 (5.26%) less than the true odds of hitting any bet.

    American Roulette vs. Other Variants

    It’s important to note that despite having worse odds, American Roulette payouts are the same as any other variant. As a result, this game is relatively more expensive.

    Rationally, having lower odds and a higher house edge, this game isn’t the ideal choice if you’re looking to maximize your chances. However, this hasn’t prevented it from being one of the top player favourites in the Great White North. There are tons of tables available to choose from at the top casinos.

    Tips for Playing American Online Roulette

    Use Roulette Strategies

    This game heavily favours the casino, so you’ll need to apply a strategy or two if there’s any hope of increasing your profits.

    Pick Safe Bets

    The idea of safety is relative as there’s always an element of risk when playing Roulette and casino games in general. We’re referring to bets with the highest American Roulette payouts, which would be even money bets.

    Manage Your Bankroll

    Not managing your gambling funds will usually lead to more losses than expected. Try to decide on your budget beforehand, how much you can afford to spend and how much to stake per bet.

    Play for Free

    Although it eliminates the possibility to win cash, playing free American online Roulette is just as exciting as the real money variant. Besides, your bankroll will thank you for it. The house edge makes this game quite expensive, and with free play, you don’t have to worry about drilling a hole in your pockets.


    For beginners, even money bets such as Red/Black, Even/Odd, and High/Low are a good way to start your betting experience. More experienced bettors can branch out to other betting combinations with higher payout potential. However, even bets are the best way to minimize your losses.

    Yes, you can. The chances of winning no bets at all in a gaming session are very slim. You’ll most likely win some and lose some. The accumulation of your losses and wins will determine whether you make a profit or not.

    You can play this game at any of our top licensed online casinos. You’ll also find several other exciting Roulette variants available for players.