European Roulette

    Providing players with a greater chance to earn profits makes European Roulette the most popular real money Roulette variant. It's the oldest, too, so we could say it's earned its keep, but the low house edge of 2.7% is definitely the player magnet.

    The gameplay is based on the standard rules. Players choose their bets and get a payout if the ball settles on the selected number when the wheel comes to a halt.

    The name European Roulette highlights the fact that the game is majorly played in Europe. However, it wouldn't be wrong to simply refer to it as Roulette since this is the original format. Playing a classic means you get to enjoy the game in its raw form. It doesn't get more authentic than that!

    Understanding the European Roulette Wheel

    The Roulette wheel is where all the gaming action takes place. There are 37 pockets in total, including 1 – 36 numbers and a 0. The 0 pocket is coloured green, while the rest of the numbered sections are coloured either red or black in alternate succession.

    The numbers on the wheel are in no particular order, and it spins during each round to determine the winning figure. Effectively there isn't much to the wheel in terms of gameplay as getting a payout or not is purely random.

    European Roulette Payouts

    Hoping for a win in this casino game? Here's the European Roulette payouts chart showing how much you can make from winning wagers:

    Bet TypePayoutOdds
    Single number35: 12.7%
    Split17: 15.4%
    Street11: 18.1%
    Corner8: 110.8%
    Red/Black1: 148.65%
    Even/Odd1: 148.65%
    High/Low1: 148.65%

    Reading the payout section of the chart above, you win 35 dollars for every 1 dollar bet on a single number.

    The odds indicate the chances of winning each bet, and the higher-paying bets have lower odds, and vice-versa.

    House Edge

    The casino's advantage over any bet you make is about 2.7%. The reason for this house edge is that players are paid based on 36 numbers when there are actually 37 spots on the wheel. The green 0 constitutes a (1/37) 2.70% chance that will always only favour the casino.

    As a result of the house edge, European Roulette payouts aren't given at true odds but at an adjusted value.

    Tips for Playing European Online Roulette

    Luckily, the house edge doesn't hinder players from earning decent wins at the gaming table. You can still take home healthy profits if you play your chips right. Here's some advice to help you out:

    Start with Even Bets

    If you're a newbie on the Roulette gambling scene, make sure you begin with even money bets. They are the easiest and safest option.

    Try Out Different Strategies

    Don't just stick to the Martingale system because it's the most popular. It may be unsuited for your bankroll level and could end up doing more harm than good. It doesn’t hurt to test out different methods before you decide.

    Don't Depend on Streaks

    Winning and losing streaks do happen, but there's no way of knowing when and how long they'll last. So, don't fall for the gambler's fallacy of betting with or against them.

    Realize That the Odds are Fixed

    It'd be foolhardy to think you can change the odds of winnings. Just as the casino fixes the European Roulette payouts, the odds are fixed by the laws of mathematics. A single number bet will only ever have a 1 in 37 chance of occurring. In the same way, a high/low bet has 18 out of 37 chances on any spin of the wheel.

    European Roulette vs. Other Variants

    Since the setup on this game is the standard, any peculiarities are evident only when compared with other variants. The single 0 wheel differs from the American Roulette, which has an additional 00 pocket.

    As earlier mentioned, the European table offers some of the best Roulette odds, although the house edge on the French version can go much lower thanks to the La Partage and En Prison rules.


    You can play this game at any of our top licensed online casinos. You'll also find several other exciting Roulette variants available for players.

    Yes, you are allowed to place more than one bet on each spin of the wheel. However, the payouts aren't cumulative. Each bet will be paid separately and is independent of the next.

    You can use any of the popular Roulette betting methods with this game. This includes the Martingale, Paroli, and D'Alembert strategies.