Paroli Roulette Strategy

    As a progressive betting system, the Paroli Roulette Strategy says to double your bets when you win, and after a series of consecutive wins, go back to the original stake. This is oddly similar to the popular Martingale strategy in the reverse form. Hence, it's often referred to as the Reverse Martingale. However, the Paroli system is more than just the opposite of its famous counterpart. Find out all there is to know about Paroli Roulette Strategy in this guide.

    Applying the Paroli Roulette Strategy

    It's a common gambling belief that wins and losses come in streaks. Hence, the idea behind this Roulette strategy is to capitalize on hot streaks and minimize your losses during a bad one. The Paroli system generally uses even bets like the Martingale method. However, this method is significantly less risky, so you can also opt for other outside or inside bets.

    Let's take an illustration with an even bet of $10.

    If you were to make three wins in succession, your betting pattern with the Paroli system would be; $10, $20, $40. On your third bet, your winnings would be $80.

    This method says to repeat the cycle after a series of wins, so at this point, you can keep your winnings and start again with your original bet of $10. Three progressions are the standard, but you can decide to go for longer progressions if you wish. In the case of unsuccessful rounds, just keep wagering your original bet.

    Advantages of Using This Method

    A significant difference between this and the Martingale method is that while the latter lets players continue increasing their bets, the Paroli Roulette strategy applies a progression limit which prevents stakes from escalating too much. This indirectly restricts how much you can lose in a go.

    It’s also a lot less nerve-wracking precisely because losses are limited. Even when you lose, the amounts are almost negligible.

    Following the previous example, your original bet of $10 is the only financial risk from your bankroll. The rest of the funds are the casino’s money which you won during gameplay. Losing such an amount doesn't hurt so much.

    In addition, limited losses are complemented by large profits. A $70 profit from a $10 stake is pretty impressive. Unlike other strategies that strip players of their whole gambling funds no sooner than they've begun playing, this one actually helps increase the lifespan of your bankroll.

    Finally, you don't even need a huge bankroll to begin with. Most of your gameplay will be based on your original bet. So a small gambling budget will work perfectly fine.

    Drawbacks to This Method

    The concept of maximizing wins and minimizing losses isn't something that rookie players are particularly good at. So while the Paroli Roulette strategy all makes sense in theory, it might not be very effective in practice.

    Getting consecutive wins and collecting your earnings right before you lose requires good timing. Considering that Roulette is a game of chance, this isn't exactly easy to achieve. At the end of the day, your profitability using this method is more dependent on luck than on its usefulness.

    Tips for Using the Paroli Roulette Strategy


    The Paroli system can't beat the house edge. For that to happen, the odds have to be in the players' favour.

    However, even the outside bets still favour the house thanks to the green zero pocket. If you were to bet on "black," for instance, your bet loses if the ball ends up on a red number or the zero pocket.

    Effectively, the casino always ends up making money in the long run.

    Rule 1 – Maintain a fixed base stake

    Rule 2 – Double up after a win

    Rule 3 – Stop after three wins and return to base stake

    Rule 4 – Return to the base stake after a loss

    Technically, you can opt for other bet types when using the Paroli strategy. However, even bets are the standard when playing with this method since they have the highest win probability.