How to Play Online Video Poker

    Online Video Poker is identical to the land-based version. It is originally a gaming machine, so it has always been based on software. It was a saving grace for players who felt intimidated sitting at a gaming table but wanted something a bit more challenging than slots.

    At online casinos, it has gained a huge following not just as an alternative for slots but as a unique gambling game all its own. Different Video Poker variants have slight modifications, but you can expect a set of standard rules across them all.

    Read on to learn the classic gameplay behind this game, from the online Video Poker basics to how to place bets and how to win Video Poker online.

    Online Video Poker Basics

    Online Video Poker is based on five-card draw Poker. The objective is to get a hand combination that awards a payout. At the start of each game round, you get five face-up cards. You need to hold favourable cards and draw new ones to replace those you’d like to discard.

    8 different hand combinations award a payout in online Video Poker. In order of highest to least paying, they are:

    Different variants have additional hand rankings. For instance, Jacks or Better pays out for having a hand with a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces. Deuces Wild, apart from using 2s as wild cards, also offers the largest payout for landing four of a kind 2 value cards.

    To learn how to win Video Poker online, you have to keep these payout combinations in mind. Fortunately, the paytable is often pinned at the top of the playing field, so you can always keep an eye on how much you stand to win.

    The game also provides advanced suggestions to help you out. For instance, if there’s a three of a kind in the mix after dealing cards, those will automatically be held. This feature helps you to never miss out on a win that is already in place.

    Steps on How to Win Video Poker Online

    We’ve highlighted the online Video Poker basics, but how exactly does it pan out at an online casino? Below are step-by-step instructions on how to start playing:

    Note that some versions like Double Bonus Poker will allow a bonus round where you can double down on your winnings.

    Which Bets Should I Play?

    The hand combination you should go for depends on what you’re dealt. Imagine getting a starting 5-card hand with the following values:

    Here, going for a Royal Flush just isn’t feasible. Aiming for a Straight Flush is a long shot. Instead, you could try going for a Two Pair by holding the two 7s and one single number. You could take your chances on a Full House the same way. Or try for a three or a four of a kind by holding only the 7s and drawing new cards for the remaining three positions.

    Keep in mind that you’re technically not trying to beat a dealer or playing against the casino. The focus is to get one of the hand combos that award a payout.

    The casino RNG deals randomly, so each card you receive is a chance event. However, it all comes down to your decision-making. There isn’t a method on how to cheat online Video Poker, as there’s a house advantage on all bets. However, there are several strategy tips to guide you on the best choices on how to win Video Poker online.


    Learning how to win Video Poker online is simple since the objective is straightforward, and there aren’t too many rules to memorize. However, winning is a mix between luck and how well you play your cards.

    It’s possible to understand the rules of the game as you play. However, you’ll have better winning chances if you learn online Video Poker basics first.

    The Royal Flush is the best hand in Jacks or Better Video Poker, and across all variants of the game, it’s always among the highest ranks.